General Insurance

Many general insurance company have implemented “agreed value” when one wants to insure their motor vehicle.  Agreed value is a value that was agreed between insurance company and car manufacturer.

But  insurance companies  make huge losses instead of profit yearly, in motor vehicle insurance.  The losses derive from windscreen claims to accidental damages to total losses of motor vehicle.

Increase in Premium:  In mid January 2012, many insurance company have advise us agents to gradually increase the motor premium, with the approval of Bank Negara.  As of now, all e-cover note have been updated with the latest rate where the new premium is now mandatory.

as well as a loading between 5% to 25%, either on vehicle age (above 5years, 7years, 10years and 15 years subject to company’s approval. and other loading is also applicable should the drivers ( either Insured or Named Drivers) age below 25 years old or above 65 years.

Optional Cover for Drivers’ PA
All motor vehicle should take up this cover, with an additional premium between RM50 to RM500,  depending on plan offer by Insurance Company.

Why? To protect yourself from reckless drivers!  Today’s driver are multitasking – calling, smsing/texting during driving – I nearly met with an accident having read a text message.   It is very disturdbing;  you decide what you need, to protect yourself or family…

Do call up your insurance agent and ask if you are protected. or  Email me if you need any other information, my email is

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