Nature’s healing oil

Once we went to the Bukit Tinggi Rabbit farm, and while we were there a baby was bitten by a rabbit! Her cries were loud and her parents panicked. What made it worse is that she cried even louder when her dad washed her fingers with tap water – it does have chemicals in it, you know. By now, even the staff were getting very worried.

But I always carry a purse-sized bottle of the oil of the Healing Tea Trees (melaleuca alternifolia) with me, and took it out for the parents to use.  They quickly took it and put a few drops on the baby’s finger. It is a natural disinfectant and stopped the blood flowing.  Baby stopped crying too, as a result of its soothing properties.

They thanked me for helping, and I gave the bottle of the natural healing oil to them.  As a concerned business person, it is one of the many cost-efficient, eco-friendly products I use to keep my family healthy.  Just a tiny little bottle, fits in your pocket, you can bring with you anywhere you go.

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