New hope for businesses

The Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM) took another step forward today to improve the ecosystem for those doing business in Malaysia, by launching its Policy Institute.  It’s tagline is Ecosystem Empowered.

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Founding member of TeAM Dr. V. Sivapalan shared 3 papers documenting some improvements and suggestions which had been submitted to the Government.  One success story was the formation of Cradle Sdn Bhd. 10 years ago to provide funding to technology based companies and has since funded more than 600 companies.  Another achievement was to extend financing of the MTDC’s BGF Grant to include funding for talent acquisition.  Others improvements are in the pipeline.

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The new Policy Institute is setting its sights on engaging in dialogues with entrepreneurs as well as the Government, to improve the ecosystem for startups, thereby benefiting all players in the system. It wants to know of difficulties entrepreneurs encounter and will forumulate recommendations and lobby the Government for improvements such as streamlining funding, reducing the risk of doing business, and introducing meritocracy.  One of its goals is also to get Malaysia placed among the top 25 in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report, by providing relevant data.