The Other Side of Starting Up

The start-up movement has been gaining momentum all around the world and it is tremendously exciting because of the energy of new ideas and boundless creativity!  Mentoring startups is more thrilling than any roller coaster ride in an amusement park, because you don’t have to stop and get off:  Startups morph into companies which keep on innovating to sustain a flow of profitable activities.

However, there is another element which is important to factor into creating business models, and that is the area of Governance.  Often it is not even considered until a start-up wants to be registered to do business, and then governance is often left to taking the advice of Company Secretaries and other professionals. However, I’ve found that not knowing the fundamentals of governance can cause expensive mistakes made from just not knowing the consequences of getting a set up right, from the start.  Correcting those mistakes causes loss of time and money, and can be prevented by attending one-day courses.

Malaysia and other ASEAN countries have been improving their incentives for doing business and several new schemes and arrangements have come into being to make it simpler to start a company.  I found that the Corporate Directors Training program I attended has provided a good foundation, but that a refresher is definitely timely!  So I was very happy to get a briefing on the short and affordable courses available at the Companies Commission of Malaysia; here’s the link

The SSM’s website is a treasure trove of helpful information for owners of companies, and well worth scrolling through.  Getting the foundations right is very good for doing business the smart way.